We invest in rogue
entrepreneurs – we believe that to create anything that will endure, grow, persevere, accomplish and last, you have to be rogue.


Who We Are

We are immigrant entrepreneurs and investors based in San Francisco. Our last venture, BackType, began at Y Combinator in 2008, and became a SaaS analytics company that helped quantify the marketing value of social media.

At BackType, we were obsessed with building a top 0.01% talent team and engineering–centric culture. Where other companies had engineering teams, BackType had a single individual. The distributed data processing work we did to build the BackType product became the basis for the Lambda Architecture. We also open sourced, Apache Storm, a distributed realtime computation system developed at BackType. We were supported by outstanding investors like True Ventures, Chris Sacca at Lowercase Capital, Chris Dixon at Founder Collective, and more. In 2011, BackType was acquired by Twitter (NYSE: TWTR).

Christopher Golda

Christopher Golda

Chris focuses on investing and advising full-time. He's also served as an advisor for Y Combinator’s Startup School. Previously, he was one of the first product managers for Twitter Ads.

Michael Montano

Michael Montano

Mike leads Twitter's global engineering team of over 1,000 people across 8 offices. Previously, he led teams across Twitter's platform, advertiser products, and consumer product.


Contact Us

To get in touch with us, please get an introduction from someone we know. Check out shared connections on LinkedIn or people we follow on Twitter. When we talk to companies that are actively fundraising, we make investment decisions in less than 24 hours.